Monday, 8 April 2013

Places to Visit in Jodhpur Rajasthan, must check out if you are short on time !

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So everyone who is anyone planning to travel Jodhpur (Rajasthan) here are the must visit places, as suggested by a local from Jodhpur and that is obviously me. So here is the list :

Mehrangarh Fort:
The most magnificent fort in Jodhpur is the Mehrangarh Fort. It is situated on a 150m high hill. Rao Jodha, the then chief of Rathore clan, constructed it in 1459. There are a number of attractions within the fort like several palaces, galleries, a museum, temples and so on. There is a restaurant too where you can enjoy dinner, wine whatever you like. Its the place that will make your moment special

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Umaid Bhavan Palace:
One of the fascinating palaces of Jodhpur is the Umaid Bhavan palace. Maharaja Umaid Singh constructed it in 20th century. A part of the palace has now been converted into a hotel and a museum. If you have enough cash you might want to stay there and feel like a "Maharaja" for a night. But the palace is on the list of one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, so you can't miss it.

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Jaswant Thada:
Jaswant Thada lies to the left of the Mehrangarh fort complex. It is a royal cenotaph made up of white marble. It was built to commemorate Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Some rare portraits of the former rulers of Jodhpur are also displayed here. But that is not all the view from there is awesome you can see almost every bit of Jodhpur from up there. The best place from where you can click some nice clean shots of the city.

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Old Blue City :
Go there explore the city where all the buildings are painted blue. You will find lots of small shops selling lots of stuff, old houses etc. Its just beautiful. The buildings are just the same as they were like a 100 years ago. Its just hard to explain just visit it

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Mandore Garden:
Mandore Gardens is located about 10 kilometres from the city of Jodhpur. Mandore had been the capital of Marwar dynasty before Jodhpur. Mandore Gardens, with its unique high rock terrace, still is a prime attraction of tourists in Jodhpur. The garden is open from 8 am to 8 pm.
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Clock Tower:
Also known as Ghanta Ghar. Its one of the things you cant even miss if you try to. This is right in the middle of Sardar Market which is a very vibrant market selling everything. Lots of activity, great street food area. This market is a real buzz with a great feel. Glass bangles and lots of great souvenirs. Click a photo or two, its like the Eiffel Tower , but smaller and not located in France and is a clock tower, but not like Big ben. Hope you get it.

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So it all sums up. These are the must visit places when you are visiting Jodhpur and all these can be visited in a day, so travelers who are short on time these are the places you might want to consider.

Take care, have a fun trip.
Cheers !!!

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